Commercial and Retail

Commercial and Retail

Commercial developments and retail often have very specific communications challenges and planning nuances. We are proud to have supported numerous applications through the planning process across the South West and Wales for clients looking to de-risk the planning process and maximise the return for their proposed commercial projects.

Engaging the local community on the issue of commercial development is sometimes difficult given the nature of the project and locations, however, there can be significant opportunity to emphasise the economic benefits of these developments and mobilise communities and stakeholders to show their support for proposals when they feel part of the planning process. We have secured some important successes for clients in this area through grass-roots engagement with local residents and stakeholders.

Case Study: Aldi

Project: New food stores in Wales

Thirty4/7 Communications is supporting Aldi with community consultation and engagement for a number of its new stores in Wales. Local community engagement with residents and politicians seek to identify key issues up front in order to overcome concerns, uncover areas of support, and ensure that the schemes’ local benefits shine through to decision makers.

Aldi Crindau
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Case Study: Calthorpe Estates

Project: Pebble Mill Cancer Research and Treatment Facility

Calthorpe Estates’ latest addition to the Pebble Mill Medical Quarter in Birmingham included a state-of-the-art cancer research and treatment facility, as well as hosting the Birmingham School of Dentistry. Local community and political engagement helped to address local concerns prior to approval at Committee.

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