The Labour Party has won the general election, winning a total of 412 seats (+211) with 33.7% of the vote – the smallest vote share of a winning party in decades. The Conservatives suffered their worst election performance in the party’s 200-year history, winning a total of 121 seats (-251) and 23.7% of the vote. The Liberal Democrats regained their position as the third largest party in Parliament, winning a total of 72 seats (+64) with 12.2% of the vote – the best performance of a third party since 1923. Reform UK experienced a significant upswing in support, winning a total of 5 seats with 14.3% of the vote, whilst the Green Party of England and Wales won 4 seats with 6.7% of the vote. 

Keir Starmer becomes the first Labour leader since Tony Blair to win a general election and will unveil his government’s legislative agenda in the King Speech’s on 17 July. 

What happened in the South and South East? 

The results in the South and South East largely reflected the wider national picture for the Conservatives with the party struggling to hold on to seats in battles against both Labour and the Lib Dems. 

Across Oxfordshire, Surrey, and Sussex the Lib Dems unseated the Conservatives in seats like Guildford, Henley and Thame, Lewes, Surrey Heath, Woking, and Wokingham. Equally, Labour made gains at the Conservatives’ expense in Banbury, East Worthing and Shoreham, and Hastings and Rye.  

There were, however, some Tory seats which remained resilient even in the face of the dissolution of their own support and the success of Labour and the Lib Dems in neighbouring constituencies. In areas like East Hampshire, Gosport, and North West Hampshire the Conservatives were able to hold on, despite a reduced vote share ranging between 22% and 26% in each of the three seats. Indeed, in nearby Havant, Conservative incumbent Alan Mak held on by a paper-thin 92 votes, reinforcing the old adage that every vote does in fact count. 

In the East of England the Labour party continued to make inroads into Conservative constituencies, with seats like North East Hertfordshire, North West Cambridgeshire, and Peterborough all returning members for Keir Starmer’s Parliamentary Labour Party.  

However, whilst the early hours of the 5th of July had been littered with a number of Cabinet Ministers (8) losing their seats across the country, including the Defence Secretary Grant Shapps, perhaps one of the more shocking results occurred in South West Norfolk, where Labour’s Terry Jermy beat former Prime Minister Liz Truss by 630 votes.  

Whilst the exact composition and intent of a new Starmer-led government will become clear over the coming days and weeks, what is abundantly clear is that the political composition of the South, South East and East of England has undergone a transformational change overnight with many constituencies previously being seen as ‘safe’ Conservative now being represented by a political party of a different colour. 

APPENDIX – South East & East Cluster Results 
South East (Oxfordshire, Sussex, Surrey) 
Seat  New MP  Predecessor  Majority  % change in vote share from 2019 
Banbury  Sean Woodcock (LAB)  Victoria Prentis / Robert Courts (CONs)  3,256  +13.5% 
Bicester and Woodstock  Calum Miller (LD)  Robert Courts / Victoria Prentis / John Howell (CONs) / Layla Moran (LD)  4,958  +12.1% 
Brighton Pavilion  Siân Berry (Green)  Caroline Lucas (Green)  14,290  -2.0% 
Didcot and Wantage  Olly Glover (LD)  David Johnston / John Howell (CONs)  6,233  +8.5% 
Eastbourne  Josh Babarinde (LD)  Caroline Ansell (CON)  12,204  +9.2% 
East Worthing and Shoreham  Tom Rutland (LAB)  Tim Loughton (CON)  9,519  +8.1% 
Esher and Walton  Monica Harding (LD)  Dominic Raab / Ben Spencer (CONs)   12,003  +8.4% 
Guildford  Zöe Franklin (LD)  Angela Richardson / Paul Beresford (CONs)  8,429  +8.3% 
Hastings and Rye  Helena Dollimore (LAB)  Sally-Ann Hart / Huw Merriman (CONs)  8,683  -0.8% 
Henley and Thame  Freddie van Mierlo (LD)  John Howell (CON)  6,267  +12.6% 
Lewes  James MacCleary (LD)  Maria Caulfield / Nus Ghani / Caroline Ansell / Huw Merriman (CONs)  12,624  +9.5% 
Surrey Heath  Al Pinkerton (LD)  Michael Gove / Jonathan Lord (CONs)  5,640  +16.8% 
Woking  Will Forster (LD)  Jonathan Lord (CON)  11,246  +18.8% 
Wokingham  Clive Jones (LD)  John Redwood / James Sunderland / Theresa May (CONs)   8,345  +15.4% 
Worthing West  Beccy Cooper (LAB)  Peter Bottomley / Andrew Griffith (CONs)  3,949  +10.7% 

 South East (Hampshire and Berkshire) 

Seat  New MP  Predecessor  Majority  % change in vote share from 2019 
East Hampshire  Damian Hinds (CON)  Damian Hinds / George Hollingbery (CONs)  1,275  -22.1% 
Eastleigh  Liz Jarvis (LD)  Paul Homes (CON)  1,546  0% 
Gosport  Caroline Dinenage (CON)  Caroline Dinenage (CON)  6,054  -26.2% 
Havant  Alan Mak (CON)  Alan Mak (CON)  92  -34.6% 
North East Hampshire  Alex Brewer (LD)  Ranil Jayawardena / Maria Miller (CONs)  634  +15.7% 
North West Hampshire  Kit Malthouse (CON)  Kit Malthouse / Maria Miller (CONs)  3,288  -25.1% 
Portsmouth North  Amanda Martin (LAB)  Penny Mordaunt (CON)  780  +7.8% 
Portsmouth South  Stephen Morgan (LAB)  Stephen Morgan (LAB)  13,155  -0.2% 
Reading Central  Matt Rodda (LAB)  Alok Sharma (CON) / Matt Rodda (LAB)  12,637  -4.9% 
Reading West and Mid Berkshire  Olivia Bailey (LAB)  Alok Sharma / Laura Farris / John Redwood (CONs)  1,361  +12.1% 
Southampton Itchen  Darren Paffey (LAB)  Royston Smith (CON)  6,105  +0.5% 
Southampton Test  Satvir Kaur (LAB)  Alan Whitehead (LAB)  9,333  -5.0% 
Winchester  Danny Chambers (LD)  Steve Brine / Flick Drummond (CONs)  13,821  +12.6% 
 East of England 
Seat  New MP  Predecessor  Majority  % change in vote share from 2019 
Ely and East Cambridgeshire  Charlotte Cane (LD)  Lucy Frazer / Anthony Brown / Steve Barclay (CONs)  495  +3.4% 
Hitchin  Alistair Strathern (LAB)  Bim Afolami / Richard Fuller (CONs) / Alistair Strathern (LAB)  7,109  +16.6% 
Huntingdon  Ben Obese-Jecty (CON)  Jonathan Djanogly / Shailesh Vara (CONs)  1,499  -24.1% 
Mid Norfolk  George Freeman (CON)  George Freeman / Liz Truss (CONs)  3,054  -27.9% 
North East Cambridgeshire  Steve Barclay (CON)  Steve Barclay (CON)  7,189  -32.4% 
North East Hertfordshire  Chris Hinchliff (LAB)  Oliver Heald (CON)  1,923  +11.3% 
North West Cambridgeshire  Sam Carling (LAB)  Shailesh Vara / Paul Bristow (CONs)  39  +9.6% 
Peterborough  Andrew Pakes (LAB)  Paul Bristow (CON)  118  -9.5% 
South Cambridgeshire  Pippa Heylings (LD)  Anthony Browne / Lucy Frazer (CONs) / Daniel Zeichner (LAB)  10,641  +5.8% 
South West Norfolk  Terry Jermy (LAB)  Liz Truss / George Freeman (CONs)  630  +8.4% 
St Neots and Mid Cambridgeshire  Ian Sollom (LD)  Anthony Browne / Jonathan Djanogly / Lucy Frazer (CONs)  4,621  +10.1% 
Welwyn Hatfield  Andrew Lewin (LAB)  Grant Shapps (CON)  3,799  +9.3% 

Boundary changes: Please note, following the Boundary Commission review, the 2024 General Election was contested on new parliamentary boundaries, the first such change since 2010. In the South East, the number of seats has increased from 84 to 91, and in the East of England the number of seats has increased from 58 to 61 necessitating a significant redrawing of co