After a whirlwind first three months in the role, we asked Jasmine what her first quarter as an Account Executive has been like. Here’s a snippet of Jasmine’s take on life at Thirty4/7 Communications:

First Three Months

“September 2021 marked my first 3 months as an Account Executive at Thirty4/7 Communications. This is the part where I ask myself how did that go so quickly? “

What do you like the most about working at Thirty4/7 Communications?

Aside from coffee and cake day – it’s the people. We work in an effective and professional manner, which is a great asset to our working environment as we are able to communicate clearly and provide a defined structure to our ideas and the working day.

What does a typical day in the life of an Account Executive look like?

Generally a typical day starts with the team morning catch-up, where we run through our different projects and how to manage the day, social media monitoring, monitoring the Parliamentary news for anything our clients should be aware of, keeping track of media coverage of our projects, writing reports, planning exhibitions and conducting research.

What are the skills needed to fulfil the role?

You have to be well-organised, as there are a lot of projects to keep track of. So my notebook is very precious to me!

It has served me to be calm as this helps manage any urgent work that comes in. Composure is another skill that I have tried to sharpen as we speak to high-level stakeholders on a frequent basis, therefore keeping your composure is key.

Lastly, creative- I feel fortunate enough to work in an environment where I can share any ideas I may have in a way that benefits Thirty4/7 Communications as a firm.

What are some of the challenges you face in day-to-day?

Occasionally, meetings can be re-arranged, therefore we may have to quickly re-organise our day, so I would say adaptability in this sense is a skill that I have developed.

What’s your most memorable moment at Thirty4/7 Communications so far?

Exploring Wales!

About Jasmine:

As a former caseworker for a Member of Parliament, Jasmine is well versed in local political issues across the spectrum and has also acquired an acute understanding of the workings of Governmental departments.

A fluent French speaker, Jasmine has also worked in Communications for a European Commission funded project in Brussels.

She has comprehensive knowledge of key policy issues in the South West and understands the bipartisan effort required for implementing key infrastructure projects in the area.