Mental Health Awareness Week – making time to relax

This week is Mental Health Awareness Week. Many people struggle with their mental health and it’s important to take steps to keep ourselves well and prevent problems.

We asked the staff at Thirty4/7 what makes them feel better and what they do to improve their mental wellbeing.

Account Manager, Sara Powell-Davies, says exercise, particularly outdoors, always lifts her mood.

“I started running during Lockdown as an opportunity to get some ‘me’ time and I’ve continued with it. There are times when I don’t feel like doing it, but I know that once I’ve been out for a few minutes, I can feel my anxiety subsiding and I can think more clearly.”

Sara Powell-Davies running

(Three Waters Photography)


Senior Account Executive, Aaron Marchant, says:

“Walking in nature is always conducive to improving my mental state – I am lucky to have close access to a Victorian park and canal which hums with nature during the spring and summer months. Getting away from the urban landscape and breathing in fresh air is great for mental wellbeing and helps to replenish my energy, particularly during periods of high work intensity.”

Gwr Park

Intern, Bethan Williams, says that engaging in hobbies always improves her mental wellbeing:

“Recently, I have been taking time to work on my hobbies to improve my mental wellbeing. I learned how to crochet during the first COVID-19 lockdown, and I have been learning German (with limited success) for the past few years. An ideal evening for me is spent doing one of these activities and then watching a new TV series accompanied by my cat, Jasper.”

Jasper the cat

Administrator, Hayley Fisher, says her dog Oscar always uplifts her:

“A few months before the pandemic I got my first dog, Oscar and although having a puppy was hard work, he was a godsend during lockdown. He’s three years old now and not only is he great company but he makes me laugh every day. He needs a lot of exercise which makes me go out for long walks which always makes me feel great, whatever the weather. I’m very lucky to have beautiful country walks right on the doorstep and I’m extremely lucky to have Oscar.”

Oscar the dog

Graphic Designer, Gabriele Naseviciute, says:

“Last year was so career focused for me, I was burning out. It’s very easy to say “just another email, just another 5 minutes…”, soon enough I’ve found myself not having good quality sleep and my relationships with family and friends have plummeted massively. I’ve told myself that this year I will be very strict with my work-life balance and implemented “lunch-time walks”. Every day, whether gloomy or sunny, I force myself to go out for at least half an hour walk. This greatly breaks up my day and I feel refreshed and focused when back at work in the afternoon.”

Senior Account Manager, Kate Orage, says fresh air and country walks are essential:

“During lockdown I used to enjoy lunch time walks around the Lee Valley. I love being in nature and seeing all the seasonal changes. My life has recently become a lot busier, but I have taken inspiration from my team and I’ve realised how important it is to take some time away from my laptop. So if you don’t hear from me, I will be on my lunchtime walk!”

Baby Ducks

Alex Willis, Account Executive, enjoys going for walks and spending time with his favourite four-legged friend:

“When at my flat in London, I’m lucky to live a few minutes away from Tower Bridge and often go for walks along the river to clear my head and people watch. Although it’s not the same without a dog! Coming home to Newport and playing with my dog, Ted, is my favourite thing!”

Alex And Ted

Director, Will Morgan said that spending time with his family is what helps keep him relaxed.

“Spending time with my family – Rhi and my two girls (and two dogs!) – is a great way to de-stress. It only takes a few minutes when I’m with them to forget about anything stressful and just enjoy having a good time. Making time to go and watch the girls play sport at school during the week is also a nice way to break up the day (especially if it’s sunny!).”

Will Morgan and family

Junior Account Manager, George Heal said that a mixture of music, mindfulness and walks helps him process complex thoughts and situations:

“Mental health has been a prominent issue for me over the last couple of years and I have been able to identify that nice walks in nature with a focus on breathing in fresh air and mindfulness always help stop thoughts spiralling. I always find that bird sounds are the most relaxing sounds for me.

“I also love music and live gigs, that’s my happy place. When you can just allow yourself to love the music that you are listening to and bop along is so freeing and always makes me feel better.”

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